Benefits of Navigational Systems in Cars

Benefits of Navigational Systems in Cars
Benefits of Navigational Systems in Cars

We’ve all heard the long standing jokes about men who don’t stop and ask for directions. Of course, women have long been known for being lost and having to ask directions. Sexist jokes aside, thanks to navigational systems, that will never be a problem again. There are more beneficial aspects of having navigational systems in cars than you might imagine.

Not Getting Lost

Navigational systems help prevent you from getting lost. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, there will be no need to stop and ask for directions because you have step-by-step directions from your starting location to your destination. Navigation systems typically have a screen that is easily seen by the driver and offer voice instructions so that you can smoothly take exits and make turns with plenty of advance notice.

Traffic Updates

While you are on your way, the navigational system will connect with other systems electronically and update you as to any traffic conditions that may alter your trip. It’s very nice to get notification of an accident that has stopped traffic 30 miles ahead. This gives you time to pull over and select an alternate route that will keep you from sitting for several hours in bumper to bumper traffic. Road construction, closed lanes and more will be announced via your navigational program to help you get where you’re going quickly and stress-free.

Save Money

The options on navigational systems allow you to choose your route based on specific requests. One such request is “Avoid Tolls”. This means that the route and directions provided will take you around toll roads saving you money. It’s always a hassle when driving to a new place to discover that there is an expensive toll halfway there. Most of us don’t carry cash and change in the car with us and tolls vary from just a few cents to several dollars to pass through. Take advantage of your navigational options to save money on your road trips or daily commute.


You can easily download your route to your smartphone or send it to someone else using the navigation system. Thanks to the advanced technology and synchronization capability of modern vehicles, no matter where you go, your route and directions will be available to you. This is a situation that smartphones and some GPS systems can’t offer. If the wireless signal or satellite is lost, then you’re floundering with no clue where your next turn is.

Adaptive Routes

If you’ve ever missed an exit before you know how much of a hassle it can be to try to get turned around and back where you need to be. Navigational systems will reroute your trip if you miss a turn or exit and take you turn-by-turn to get you back on your journey.

Accident Reporting

Most navigational systems also have built in accident reporting and will convey your location as well as the fact that you’ve had an accident to the authorities. This, along with the signal the system uses will prevent you from sitting undetected for days, in case you wreck in a rural area. Quick reporting and responses save lives.

If you’ve ever struggled with a large folding map and no passenger to navigate for you, then you know how amazing navigational systems are. Even if you travel the same route day after day, the traffic reports and accident reports as well as quick rerouting in case you need to make a detour make it worth using your navigation system.

Most new vehicles have a built-in navigation system, so, if you’ve never experienced this bit of technology, head to a dealership today and take a test drive. You may find something you really need in your life!