Everything You Need to Know Before Adopting a Dog

adopting dog

There are over 63 million estimated dog owners in the US, and it is one of the most popular pet options that people choose. It’s no wonder why- nothing compares to coming home to an excitable puppy jumping with joy when they see you. 

Despite how sweet it is to care for a canine, there’s also a lot to consider before making that kind of decision. Here’s everything you need to know before adopting a dog. 


Pet dander is a major problem that often surprises people when they invite a new dog into their family. After already falling in love with a seemingly perfect pooch, it’s heartbreaking to find your health suffering as a result. Take a visit to the doctor to get an allergy test so that you know how your body will react to your new pet. 

Dog Breeds

Do some research to find out which dog breed suits your lifestyle best. If you have lots of yard space and wildlife, you will likely want a bigger dog that can be trained to do helpful tasks. If you’re limited to a tiny apartment, you’ll need a smaller breed that prefers indoor living.

Adoption History

If you’re adopting a dog from a pound or a shelter, there’s a higher likelihood that they have a history of abuse or neglect. Ask their caretaker if your potential pet has triggers that make them feel unsafe so that you can best tend to their needs. When they come home with you, keep an eye out for items, behaviors, and people that make them more anxious.

Potential Cost

Vet visits, grooming, kibble, collars, leashes, toys, beds- there are lots of costs that come with any new pet, especially a dog. Budget out all of the possible expenses so that you aren’t caught surprised by a stack of pet bills that are sent your way.

Daily Routines

Dogs need to be walked, fed, and shown affection that makes them feel special. Carefully consider how much your schedule can fit in all the activities your new furry friend might require. Write out a potential schedule that includes all of the tasks you’ll need to finish to keep your new pup happy and healthy.


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