What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

Favorite animal

Everyone has a favorite animal. Funny enough, your favorite animal reveals many aspects of your personality. 

You’ll find several parallels between yourself and your favorite animal’s temperament. Here’s what your animal of choice says about you!


If your favorite animal is a dog, chances are you are a very loyal and fun-loving person. You care very deeply and affectionately about those around you. You’ll always try to be there for others whenever they need it! You are a great comforter and great company to those around you.


Elephants are great, majestic creatures that people are always drawn to. You have that same sort of magnetism that they do. You are gentle yet bold. Not only are you very wise and considered an old soul, but you can also gain people’s trust very quickly!


If you consider yourself a go-getter, it makes sense for the tiger to be your favorite animal. Tigers are very determined and goal-driven, but they are also patient. So are you! You’re very adaptable to your environment and have a strong presence in any room you enter.


You’re probably more on the reserved side. You often keep to yourself in big social gatherings and are soft-spoken in crowds. However, people discover your friendly and sociable side once they get to know you. You’re charming and witty, thinking quickly on your feet. 


You’re a very extroverted person! Dolphins are social butterflies and are highly playful with one another. You resonate with dolphins’ vibrant social life. You’re fun-loving and have a large group of close friends that go with you everywhere. 


You’ve always been the class clown. You never take things too seriously, but you’re also smart enough to navigate life’s roadblocks. Just like the monkey, you love to entertain others. The world around you is fascinating in your eyes and you’re always looking to explore more. 


While bears appear intimidating and dangerous, they have a very sweet side too. If the bear was your favorite animal, you’re most likely a very nurturing person, often the comforter of your friend group. You have a heart of gold, though you may embody the “tough love” mindset. On the inside, you’re a big softy. 

Did we get it right? There’s a lot we have to learn from our favorite creatures in the animal kingdom. Your favorite critter may be a lot more like you than you think.