Top Safety Features to Look for in a New Car

Top Safety Features to Look for in a New Car
Top Safety Features to Look for in a New Car

Car shopping can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are so many options to consider and specific features to look for that narrowing down your choices can be downright stressful. Besides finding a car that will give you great gas mileage and fit your whole family, you also need to find a car that is safe. As technology has improved over the years, more and more auto manufacturers are focusing on safety features that will make their vehicles stand out from the crowd. Let’s look at the top safety features that you should look for in a new car. There are a lot of bells and whistles out there, but the safety of your family is the most important aspect of car shopping.


While airbags are not exactly new, there are several different airbag layouts and choosing the car that has the most effective airbag options is in your best interest. Originally, cars that featured airbags had one in the steering wheel for the driver only. Then there was one added to the front dash for the passenger. Now you will find airbags at knee level, side curtain airbags, upper airbags and more. Look at yourself and your family and then see which airbag layout provides the most protection based on height, weight and usual position in the vehicle. Collisions happen from all sides, and your airbags should activate from as many angles as possible to save lives.

Electronic Stability Control and Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-lock brakes or ABS have been a popular safety feature for several years. The more recent introduction of electronic stability control has made this duo a must have for safe cars. ABS is a system that applies braking power to individual wheels, as needed, in order to avoid locking up the brakes. This helps prevent sliding in snow or on wet roads and enables the car to stop quickly in the event someone pulls out in front of you. Electronic Stability Control uses a sensor to detect loss of traction and then compensates allowing you to steer through poor weather and bad road conditions. These features are automatically integrated so that you don’t have to do anything but drive, and they will do their job.

Backup Camera

Anyone who has ever put the car in reverse looked around, checked mirrors, and then proceeded to backup only to hear a crunch when they run over a skateboard knows how valuable a backup camera is. That crunch of a demolished skateboard could have just as easily been a person or pet behind the vehicle. The backup camera is mounted on the rear of the car and enables you to see exactly what is behind you by looking in your rearview mirror. Finding a new car that has a backup camera should be on your safety checklist.

Lane Departure Warning

As we move closer to automated driving, the lane departure warning is a handy tool that steps in when your attention may not be fully on the road. Most people know the struggle of having a child in the backseat who wants our attention while we are going down the road. This is a dangerous situation that can lead to lane wandering. A lane departure warning system will alert you when you stray from your lane without turning on your signal. You may be surprised at how often you hear an alert just while driving down the road. This system will help make you a more focused driver while also preventing accidents.

Forward Collision Detection

Radar and lasers compile an advanced warning system to alert drivers if a vehicle stops in front of you or there is an object in your path. This is a wonderful safety feature that can help prevent rear-end collisions or running over items in the road that could damage your car.

When shopping for a car, there are many things you might be looking for. Maybe you want third-row seating or large cargo space. But, along with those items, safety features are very important when purchasing a new vehicle. The technology and new features being offered make today’s cars safer than ever. Shop smart and reap the safety benefits that newer models have to offer for you and your family.