Youtuber Runs a Bubble Tea Shop For a Day

bubble tea

Long-time YouTuber Safiya Nygaard explored what it would be like to run a bubble tea shop. She spent two whole days on this experience, training hard on the first day and creating some of her own recipes on the second day.

Check out her video to get a glimpse of what it’s like to work at a boba tea shop and run it from behind the scenes

Typical Toppings

Boba comes in two forms, a traditional style that is chewy and a popping boba that bursts with flavor. In her experiment, Safiya prepared pearls that were activated simply by boiling and stirring them. Because of the large serving capacity of a boba storefront, this all needed to be done in bulk.

Safiya also made other toppings to incorporate into her drinks during her shop takeover. Scoops of vanilla pudding and brown-sugar-infused boba pearls were a few of her favorite toppings to use.

Unique Flavors

Providing airiness and a cheesecake-like flavor, cheese foam is a common topping for boba drinks. Incorporating a “cheesy” ingredient with a sweet drink sounds much stranger than it really is. This foam is made of a blend of cream cheese, whipped cream, and milk that stays afloat on top of any drink instead of melting like a typical whipped topping. 

Boba shops often use fruit flavors that are staples in Asian cultures, such as lychee and mango. Matcha powder and sesame seed powder are also common ingredients that provide vibrant color and an earthy flavor to these sweet drinks. 

Custom Drinks

The most exciting part of Safiya’s experience running a boba shop for a day was changing up the menu while she was there. Using all of the new ingredients she learned to make, she created gorgeous bubble teas that matched her distinct brand as a content creator. 

If you had the chance to create your own menu of boba drinks, what flavors would you choose to put together?


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