How to Break a Junk Food Addiction For the New Year

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2023 is fast approaching, and with the onset of the new year comes new resolutions. Statistics show that 45% of those who make a New Year’s resolution make a promise to themselves to improve their diet in some way. Junk food can be a major temptation during any period of dieting, but is there a way to combat a junk food addiction?

Here’s how to change your eating habits by breaking your addiction to junk food. 

Know Your Facts

A major problem with junk food is that they are often full of empty calories. Although you might feel full and energized after eating, foods with empty calories can’t supply your body with any of the nutrients it needs to function in the long term. On top of that, any of the calories you take in without burning off will ultimately store as fat.

When you decline a dessert or pass up on a plate of fries, your willpower will only last so long before you start to miss your old eating habits. Research the nutritional value of your favorite bag of Cheetos so that you are fully informed about what you’re consuming. The more you know about the foods you put in your body, the more reasons you’ll have to keep sticking with a healthier diet.

Explore New Foods

The only way you can truly break an addiction to junk food is by replacing it with something that is better for your body. It’s difficult to remove food that’s been a source of comfort without finding a substitute that also gives you that same boost of joy. 

Let yourself explore new foods and cuisines- what flavors are most interesting to you? Maybe there’s a tropical fruit that can replace your nightly bowl of cereal or a probiotic-filled yogurt that can take the place of a late-night ice cream run. You can still feel excited by food without stuffing your body with sugars and trans fats. 

Listen to Cravings

If you want to break unhealthy habits in your diet, you might feel a lot of frustration over how much your body craves things that are not necessarily good for you. However, if you want to change your diet, you need to listen to these cravings instead of ignoring them.

Whenever you crave a certain food, your body is trying to send you a signal to tell you what it needs at that moment. The key to changing your eating routine is to learn how to listen to these signals and respond accordingly. Check out this helpful chart that helps you figure out what you are really hungry for when you experience particular cravings.


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