Avoid Toxic Chemicals With These Natural Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners

There’s nothing like a refreshing jump in the swimming pool on a hot day. It’s essential to ensure your pool is free of bacteria that can cause health issues for you and your family. However, most pool cleaners contain toxic chemicals that might do more harm than good.

If you’re looking for a more natural approach to pool cleaners, plenty of options are available. Here are some pool cleaners that you may want to consider during your summer swimming. 

Say goodbye to your toxic cleaners.

Pool chemicals are loaded with chemicals that most people assume are harmless. However, recent studies reveal increasingly negative effects of exposure to these chemicals. 

Certain studies show that chemicals react with organic matter to cause several harmful effects. Some of these include asthma, skin and eye problems, allergies, and even certain cancers. 

If that isn’t bad enough, the impact of pool cleaners on kids is five times worse than that of second-hand smoke. This is a problem because kids are often the ones swimming the most. 

You may find it hard to believe that something meant to protect you causes more damage. Fortunately, there are plenty of safer options for pool cleaners that will have your body thanking you in the long run.

Say hello to all-natural pool cleaners.

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light sanitizes surfaces, air, and yes–even water. These UV rays kill germs and sanitize the water so you don’t have to work so hard. 

Plus, UV is arguably the safest option out there for you and your family’s health. This little light targets algae, viruses, and harmful bacteria to keep your pool safe without compromising your health.

Household items

Surprisingly, tons of items in your home can do just as good a job as those toxic chemicals. These items will keep you and your pool free of unwanted health hazards if used correctly. 

Baking soda is an excellent option for grout, pool tiles, and other outdoor surfaces. Simply mixing it with water into a paste gives you a natural and inexpensive way to clean your pool. Plus, it increases alkalinity, so you don’t need to buy those expensive and harmful pH balancers. 

Various forms of vinegar are the best option for calcium buildup and bacteria in your pool. It has the power to keep your pool looking extra clear, as well as lower your pH when needed. 

Lemon juice naturally cleans nearly anything, including your pool. This is an excellent option for cleaning metal, tile, or anything surrounding your pool. It’s also useful for eliminating grime and buildup.

Natural Cleaners

Pool Frog Mineral Purifiers clean your pool using natural minerals that eliminate bacteria and maintain healthy pH levels. Swimming in mineral-dense pools can also make your bones stronger, build immunity, and regulate sugar levels in your body.

BioGuard Mineral Springs Beginnings is another option for a natural mineral cleaner. This system is easy to use and works to sanitize your pool automatically. 

Natural Chemistry cleaners use natural enzymes and disinfectants to keep your pool free of pollen, oils, and scum. Plus, this pool cleaner clarifies your water to keep it looking incredible. 

Simple Green is not necessarily a pool cleaner, but it does the trick. This is a fantastic option for cleaning out your pool filters so they can do their job properly.

Try it for yourself!

There are tons of options to keep your pool clean naturally. Even just tossing a tennis ball in can keep that oily sunscreen out of your pool. 

Find what works for you and your pool, and kick those toxic chemicals out of your life for good.