Taking Photos is The PERFECT Side Gig

Taking photos

There are tons of side gigs that you can pick up in your professional journey. But did you know that taking photos is the perfect side gig?

This side hustle is much more than professional photoshoots. Whether you’ve been taking photos your whole life or are brand new to the hobby, you can make cash from it. 

And the best part? You don’t even need a camera to begin this hustle! If you’re interested in getting money for taking pictures, check out the side hustles that fit your resources and style!

Classic Photographer

There are tons of different kinds of photography that you can jump right into. These gigs typically require some gear. The good news is, if you don’t own any gear, you can always rent or borrow some. 

Event Photography

Event photography is a great opportunity to jump lens-first into fun! Whether it’s for concerts, parties, or school events- event photography can be an exciting opportunity!

Studio or Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is probably what you first think of when you hear the word “photography”. If you enjoy being personable and artistic, taking pictures of individuals, couples, and families may be the perfect side gig for you.

Product Photography

Product photography is an excellent option if you’re not into big crowds or working with people. You can create aesthetic and artsy sets to display a certain product. 

This kind of photography might not even need a regular camera. Your phone may be good enough for certain product photography, especially if you want to be a social media influencer.

Amateur Photography Positions

Many jobs will hire you as an amateur photographer for their organization for a variety of reasons. Many schools and small businesses offer internships and positions to photographers, even if you’re new to the game!

School Photography

If you’re in college, check out your school’s career board or ask around for any on-campus photography positions. You can take pictures of sports games, campus events, or a variety of different clubs. Journalism, media groups, or other positions specific to your university offer scholarships for people just like you!


Amateur photography positions may not pay a ton depending on the position you get, but there are pretty big perks. Becoming a photographer on any level is great for your resume for all of your future photography pursuits. 

Plus, another bonus could be the resources you will receive in these positions. Not only can you learn about camera gear from your supervisors, but you might be able to use their gear as well. This means no spending loads of money on purchasing or renting expensive gear, but you still get to use it!

Don’t let photography intimidate you!

There are tons of things that may stop you from pursuing photography. Cameras alone can be an expensive tool that may hold you back. But there are so many resources, opportunities, and chances to grow in this field!

No matter how under-qualified you feel at the start, this is the perfect side gig to build up your craft. Before you know it you’ll be able to buy your own gear with all the money you made.