Why Shipping Container Homes Are Overrated

Shipping container home

There is no doubt that shipping container homes have become increasingly popular in recent years. And while there are certainly some benefits to living in a shipping container home, there are also several significant drawbacks that many people fail to consider. 

This architectural style is often overrated. Here’s why this idea might not be as ingenious as it seems on the surface.

Too Small

For one, shipping container homes can be extremely cramped and uncomfortable. Most containers are only about 8 feet wide. When you factor in the thickness of the walls, that leaves very little space to move around or even just to sit comfortably. 

Additionally, because they are made out of metal, shipping container homes can get extremely hot during the summer months. The metal also makes these homes very cold during the winter.


Another major downside to living in a shipping container home is that they can be quite difficult (and expensive) to modify or customize. Because the containers standard sizes, it can be difficult to add extra rooms or complete remodels in the home. It’s also difficult to insulate shipping container homes properly, leading to high energy bills for the homeowner that’s living there.


Finally, it is crucial to consider the fact that shipping container homes are not particularly eco-friendly. The materials needed to build a container requires a significant amount of energy to produce. 

It can also be majorly wasteful. When you eventually need to dispose of your shipping container home, it will likely end up in a landfill, where it will take up a great deal of space.

Overall, there are certainly some benefits to living in a shipping container home. However, the drawbacks show that it may be an overrated choice. If this is your dream home, there are plenty of obstacles to work around for this option to be viable.