Best Home Protection Devices


Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you rest, play, and reconnect with loved ones day in and day out – or maybe even just grab a bit of quiet time. Why not make it the number one place you feel safe and protected, too? Home protection devices can help you achieve this goal, but it’s important to know what you’re shopping for. We’ll explain five of the very best options to help you make a choice.

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Are you really as safe as you think you are in your own home? Even if you live in the best neighborhood, break-ins and thefts are a real risk. Home security devices reduce these risks and offer you peace of mind, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you shop for them. In this post, we’ll reveal the pros and cons of five of the most popular home protection devices on the market.


SimpliSafe is an affordable solution for most home security needs. Each system comes with a variety of features to help you stay in control and in charge of your home (and who spends time around it). It all starts with a basic set of cameras, but that’s far from all Simplisafe has to offer; water leak sensors, forced entry sensors, and 24-hour battery backup ensures your home stays secure even in a power outage or inclement weather.

SimpliSafe’s unique branding is also highly customizable. You can customize or upgrade your system as you see fit, adding or removing features and services that extend system functionality. Packages start at just $229 and range upwards to $499, making it an accessible and flexible choice for American homeowners.


  • Can be controlled via Alexa
  • 24-hour battery backup
  • Easy, zero-skill setup
  • Pet-friendly design


  • No support for homekit or Google Assistant
  • Requires a monthly subscription ($14.99/mo)
  • Not suitable for use outdoors or in high-moisture areas
  • Equipment is proprietary (no cheap replacement parts)

Nest Cam

Nest Cam is an all-weather home monitoring solution with a crisp 1080p camera, 8x zoom for close-up details, and robust two-way audio features. This device makes it exceptionally easy to monitor activity even from a distance. View the camera or play back recordings via an easy-to-use mobile app or from your PC; it’s a must-have for anyone on-the-go, including people who travel for business.

At only $199, this device is a smart choice for almost any budget. Installing the Nest Cam is quick, easy, and requires only the most basic level of skill.


  • 130-degree wide-angle view
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • 1080p video recording for clarity
  • Two-way audio communication option
  • Night vision feature for clearer images


  • Subscription required for playback and cloud services
  • No automated authority notification feature
  • In-camera speaker is sometimes too quiet
  • Blurring may occur on deep zoom
  • No local storage

Amcrest ProHD 720P 8CH Video Security System

If you are looking for a security system, but don’t need cloud-based storage or monitoring, the Amcrest ProHD is ideal. It boasts a 3 TB hard drive with room for up to 360 hours of 720p footage. Amcrest’s easy setup and app-controlled monitoring make it an attractive all-in-one option; the HD video is an appreciated added bonus.

At $429.99, the Amcrest ProHD is a bit more expensive, but you really do get what you pay for here. Eight real-time cameras and subscription-free, self-managed storage make it well worth the investment.


  • Powerful night version for exceptional nighttime performance
  • All-weather design makes it suitable for cold, wet, or hot weather
  • Multiple cameras allow you to monitor your whole home
  • USB backup for quick and easy data transport
  • No subscription required for recording


  • 1MP camera lacks detail sometimes
  • Low field of view may create blind spots
  • No Wi-Fi support makes access harder
  • Large up-front cost may be prohibitive

Ring Video Doorbell 2

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is perfect for the person who wants a simple, easy solution, especially when deliveries or guests arrive. It allows you to communicate with anyone who arrives on your doorstep, while also giving you a live video feed of the front porch space, via two-way audio and video communication feeds.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 works really well for people who receive packages regularly, yet sometimes fall victim to thievery. It’s also an effective deterrent against criminals “casing” houses for break-ins by knocking on the front door to see if anyone is home. Answer the bell remotely through your phone, tablet, or personal computer in seconds.

At $199, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is no slouch in the home protection device industry. In fact, given how many people shop online, it’s one of the best options currently taking advantage of the thriving new online shopping market.


  • 1080p HD live video
  • Full 160-degree FOV
  • Controllable via Alexa
  • Controllable via mobile app
  • Infrared night vision for clearer imaging


  • Requires batteries or hardwiring
  • Recordings aren’t pre-buffered
  • Won’t record without subscription


Unlike everything else on this list, ISpy is a software-based home security solution. It lets you use existing hardware hooked up to your PC to monitor your home, turning your webcam into a powerful home monitoring system. Motion capture and on-demand recording access, and the ability to add or remove cameras, make this a great option for growing households and changing needs. iSpy puts you in control of your system from any Internet-based device on your network – including your smartphone, PC, Mac, or tablet.


  • Free for homeowners with existing equipment
  • Accessible from virtually any mobile device
  • Record on demand as you see fit
  • Exceptional vehicle plate recognition
  • Face tracking via third-party add-ons


  • You’ll need to buy hardware
  • Free package is very basic
  • Premium requires subscription
  • May be difficult for non-savvy users
  • May not be enough for some users

Note that these are far from the only options on the market. More robust alarm systems like ADT’s Total Protection package, go beyond what a simple device can provide by addressing every facet of home security. They may also be the better option for homeowners who aren’t particularly tech-savvy and anyone who just doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with their own devices.