What Does Your Favorite Classic Comedy Say About Your Social Life?


One of the first things that new friends bond over is a shared sense of humor. A truly classic comedy is the heart of quotable sayings and inside jokes, and your top picks say a lot about your personality. 

Find your favorite classic comedy from the list below to see what your sense of humor says about your social life. 

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

You’re an old soul, and because of this, you tend to have friends that are older than you. You don’t always pipe up in a group setting, but when you do choose to speak, your friends end up rolling on the floor laughing. Sarcasm is your favorite form of communication, and you appreciate anyone who can keep up a healthy banter with you. 

Step Brothers

When you’re with your friends and loved ones, you tend to be the one that always finds the perfect moment to make everyone burst out laughing. Despite your quick-wittedness, there’s a youthfulness about your personality that still laughs at bathroom jokes. In your free time, you like to watch youtube compilations of people falling down and babies accidentally swearing around their parents. 


You’re a go-getter with a lot of energy, and as a result, you tend to be the life of the party. You would rather have a large group of friends join you in your plans than spend your time with a precious few. From group costumes to potlucks dinners, you’re the one who gathers the troops and makes the fun happen. 

Mean Girls

You’re the mom of your friend group. When everybody is in the mood to make adventurous plans, you’re the one who keeps it practical. You check to see whether everybody’s eaten and make sure everyone cleans up after themselves after hanging out. All of your friends appreciate your parental efforts because you help bring the chaos to order. 

Office Space

You would rather have a cozy night in than to spend time, energy, and money going out on the town. The friends you keep have known you for several years and know nearly everything about you. They’re the type of people who are content just sitting in silence next to you when you’re too wiped out to keep up a conversation. 



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