5 Secret Must-See Spots at Disneyland

hidden spots at Disneyland

Since opening in 1955, Disneyland has been a hot spot for tourists and families worldwide to enjoy a vacation filled with fantasy and fun! The more you go, the more you’ll notice personalized details in each element of the park! These are the top must-see hidden spots at Disneyland!

Most people miss the secret easter eggs, hidden spots, and secret artifacts when visiting Disneyland. Here are a few must-see spots at Disneyland that you should know about before your next trip!

Dream Suite or 21 Royale

Located directly above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the Dream Suite was built in 1987 as a VIP apartment for special guests. It is still used as a luxurious stay for guests and is available for booking!

This suite includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and an outdoor patio that overlooks the rest of the park. There was a time between 1987-2007 when park staff would randomly pick park attendees and invite them to stay in the suite for the night. 

Evil Queen

Fantasy Land is a wonderful place to go for the nostalgia of old classic Disney movies! One of the main attractions of Fantasy Land is the Snow White ride. However, most people miss the Evil Queen’s appearance as she shows her face directly above the passengers.

Next time you head over to the ride, look above you to see a mirror-like screen and watch as the Evil Queen magically appears and disappears from your view!  

Predating Disneyland Family Tree

Within the Jungle Cruise ride stands a palm tree predating the Disney park. During the building of Disneyland, the Dominguez family had an Anaheim farm that they sold to Walt Disney himself. 

One of their only requests was for their family palm tree to remain, as it symbolized generations of their family and the hard work they contributed to the farm. Walt Disney saw that admirable and granted their requests, and the palm tree still stands today. You can see it standing proudly near the rock structures of Jungle Cruise. 

Walt’s Lamp

Above the fire station on Main Street stands what once was Walt Disney’s personal office and apartment. He had one built for when he would spend time inside the park working and overseeing the park’s functions. He was known for his special lamp that would sit on the windowsill facing Main Street. 

This lamp has been left on in honor of his undying legacy and presence over the park. The next time you pass by the park entrance, glance over at the second floor of the fire station to see the same lamp Walt Disney worked under still lit, representing the very man who brought the park into existence!

Real Skeletons

One of the more popular Disneyland attractions is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride located in New Orleans Square. However, most don’t know that real skeletons are part of this haunting pirate ride. 

When building this ride, Walt got real human skulls from the UCLA Medical School to place throughout the ride because they were more “realistic” looking. Since then, most of the skulls have been removed. However, one still remains! 

Next time you ride Pirates of the Caribbean, look for the skull above the headboard of the luxurious bed of a dead man examining a map. 


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