Service Packages Offered With New Cars

Service Packages Offered With New Cars
Service Packages Offered With New Cars

If you are in the market for a new car, this is an ideal time to make a purchase. Car manufacturers are in competition to provide the best vehicles, best service, best warranties, and to be the best in customer satisfaction. This translates to great deals for car buyers. One area where competition is stiff is the service packages that are offered with new cars. Gone are the days when you drove off the dealer’s lot with a new car and didn’t return until your next new car purchase. Now, you can plan on visiting the dealership several times each year until your service package expires.

Oil Changes

Many new car service packages offer free oil changes for a certain amount of time. This is a big money saver for you because now that most cars use synthetic oil the out-of-pocket cost for a basic oil change is between $60 and $80 in the United States. Sure, you can now go about 10,000 miles between oil changes, but over time that expense still adds up. When you go car shopping, ask about free oil change packages and try to find one that is good for the first 5 years you own your car!

Scheduled Maintenance

All car owner’s manuals have suggested intervals for scheduled maintenance. This includes air filter changes, timing belt, transmission flush, fan belts, and hoses. If these maintenance items are not taken care of in a timely manner, they can cause expensive mechanical issues and repair bills. Because car manufacturers know that these services need to be done, dealers often offer a 3-6 year scheduled maintenance service package. Not only will you receive reminders to schedule a service but there will be no added cost incurred.

Seasonal Maintenance

When you live in areas where there are extreme temperatures, some dealerships may offer seasonal maintenance. This sort of package will include checking your heating and AC system, topping off the coolant and other fluids, and checking tires before the hot or cold season begins for a period of time.


Most states have a state safety and emissions inspection required for every vehicle on the road. Typically, this is a yearly inspection where everything from light bulbs to tire alignment is checked, based on state safety requirements. Emissions are a big deal and the exhaust system on your new car may develop leaks or loose fittings that are only discovered during these inspections. Many dealerships offer a service package that includes free state inspections for a certain period of time. You may end up paying for parts or repairs but the inspection itself won’t come out of your pocket.


Did you know that most new cars come with the lowest rating of tires allowed? Factory tires are usually only rated for about 30,000 miles before they need to be replaced. Service packages for tires include repair and replacement for a specific period of time as well as free alignment, rotation, and balance at certain intervals.

When you purchase a new car and get a great service package you will find yourself at the dealership several times each year. This not only provides you with great service but also enables you to see new car models and improvements that may interest you and encourage you to trade-up sooner. Properly maintaining your new car will improve your trade-in or resale value and keep you safe on the road.

Each manufacturer and dealership has their own service packages, don’t jump at the first offer you receive. Shop around and compare everything from the car price to the value of the service package and the extended warranty coverage before you make a purchase.