Best Financial Software for Small Businesses

Best Financial Software for Small Businesses
Best Financial Software for Small Businesses

Businesses cannot operate without the proper software installed on company computers. The employees need to be able to easily access documents and data so it can get analyzed and worked into the business plan. As a business owner, you need to be sure your company has the best financial software available to keep your numbers up and improving over time. Take a look at this list to see what some of the best options on the market are today.


If you want a well-balanced option that is affordable while still providing key features, Freshbooks is the software to have. The large scale depth ensures the smallest companies and even freelancers working on their own can access a basic plan for a low price, while small business that are growing in size can access more complex features. Expense management, time tracking, and cloud invoicing are just a few of the advanced features mentioned. Available on both Android and iPhone with a mobile app, even employees can access the data when needed.

QuickBooks Online

Also available for both iOS and Android, QuickBooks Online provides another popular software choice. It allows you to connect directly to your business bank accounts so you can manage funds easily, while also enabling you to handle inventory management, purchase ordering, and invoicing. Three tiers exist that allow you to switch between a more basic plan and an upgraded model when your business grows.


Mobile accounting services are available on both iOS and Android for Xero, but the software typically operates on a Mac system. If you’re an avid Windows user, this program may not be for you. It can operate on PCs if you want it to, but the usability changes from the Mac concept and does not work as well as other software options. For Mac users, this program is extremely easy to use. It incorporates cloud-based functionality into the design without compromising features.

AccountEdge Pro

Good for small to medium businesses, AccountEdge Pro allows for mobile access, time tracking, payroll, live support, and more. This software from Acclivity Group also has a cloud app called AccountEdge Connect that allows employees to access the data from their mobile devices. You can speak to a specialist if you want to switch from a current QuickBooks account to a new AccountEdge program.


If you prefer to start out with a free option, Wave may be the choice for you. You can have unlimited users on the account, and the software is easy to set up and use throughout the duration. The special receipt app allows you to upload customer receipts and keep copies documented. The downside to this software is the lack of integration with other systems. Other options allow you to connect with hundreds of apps, while Wave only allows for a few main choices like PayPal, Etsy, and Shoeboxed. For a free item, though, it’s definitely worth a try.

Don’t just settle on one option immediately. Try out a few software choices and see which one looks and feels the best for your company. You may have an easier time using one type than you do with another, making it faster to run and more worthwhile for you to manage in the long run.